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Easitracker Mobile – Covert Load Security Using the latest technology

Until recently, covert GPS technology was reserved for the budgets of Security Services and Special Forces.  Due to the advances in commercial GPS technology, we are able to provide a highly cost effective and sensitive covert security tracking device without a military price tag.  Easitracker Mobile is a discreet covert tracking device which provides minute by minute position updates from within loads in conjunction with a web based reporting system.  The device provides text message and on screen alerts if a vehicle is diverted from its planned route, often the sign of a hijacking.

Easitracker Mobile has a sensitivity of over -187 dbm making it capable of working through the side of GRP, Carbofont or Curtainsides.  The system also uses Sirf III technology which greatly improves the accuracy of GPS measurements from indoor situations or through dense foliage.

The system can be configured to provide anything up to 7 days of tracking at 3 minute intervals anywhere in Europe with a built in battery or 30 days with an external battery when mounted as a discrete package.  

Unlike rival systems, Easitracker Mobile is manufactured to order and can be configured to exact client requirements such as:

  • Bespoke discreet disguised enclosures
  • Multiple power source options providing up to 30 days continuous tracking
  • Bespoke mounting options such as magnets and suction cups
  • Set up multiple routes for monitoring and store them for later use
  • Allocate stored routes to devices with multiple alert parameters

A mains rechargeable system with up to 5 days continuous tracking can be provided in a self contained case no larger than a DVD case.

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