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Easitracker –

Easitracker uses the latest advances in power management to provide real time tracking from a battery powered device for up to 5 years.  Using a solar panel to trickle charge the battery Easitracker provides GPS location data at 5 minute intervals around the clock and regardless of weather conditions.  Easitracker is the result of 3 years development and field testing and is a fully operational product available for demonstration.

Features include:
  • Bespoke housings for bulkhead or roof mount
  • Installation achievable in less than 20 minutes
  • Built in motion sensor for detection of trailer movement
  • Detailed reporting of real time activity
  • Real time alerts and geo fence monitoring
  • Find our where your trailers are NOW for loading or service or client updates
  • Accurately monitor utilisation around the clock with no gaps
  • Have first hand knowledge of your goods activity even when using 3rd party providers
  • Improve loading window allocation by detailed knowledge of trailer vicinity
  • Monitor if trailers are being taken to unauthorised locations

While trailer locating devices are sleeping, Easitracker is working in real time so that you miss nothing.

Call us on 01373 466500 to arrange a demonstration

BTrack Easitracker