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Dave Botwright - Biffa Waste Services Ltd

Easilocator - A new concept in vehicle tracking system platforms:

As a simple tracking device Easilocator offers the latest technology in an easy to use and cost effective web based package.  Easilocator offers a genuine “one click” access to the latest tracking information from your whole fleet on one map.  The web based reporting suite includes the most advanced MAP24/Mapsolute street level mapping, Easilocator is a premium quality system which costs much less than many inferior mass marketed systems.  The Easilocator hardware uses the latest SIRF III GPS technology which provides the best available reception in areas of dense foliage or urban areas.

Easilocator is an essential tool for fleet management, here a few of the features and benefits:

  • Identify unauthorised vehicle use such as weekends or late evenings
  • Audit overtime claims by comparing with actual start and end times
  • Reduce fuel costs and improve safety by identifying excessive speed
  • Ensure drivers are using the most fuel and time efficient routes
  • Compare workloads between vehicles and optimise schedules
  • Monitor remote sales activity such as visits to clients and prospects

As a bespoke platform, Easilocator is capable of providing extensive added value features such as:

  • Lone worker panic Alarm function with alerts to a mobile or e-mail
  • Advanced corridor route fencing to alert of hijacking or other route deviation
  • Multiple digital inputs from external equipment such as PTO or tail lift
  • Bespoke reporting and Key Performance Indicator calculations
  • Driver ID logging with vehicle type barring to prevent certain drivers from using specific vehicles

Easilocator is available as a fully inclusive lease packages, one off subscriptions or outright purchase.)  Call us now for more details or to arrange a demonstration on 01373 466500.

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