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Blue Box – The Ultimate driver grading and fuel efficiency management system

Variances of up to 20% in fuel economy occur between drivers due to inefficient behavaoural habits in fleets of all sizes even where driver training is carried out. 

Blue Box provides you with the information to close with a resultant potential of up to 10% average improvement in MPG across your fleet.  Blue Box has the quickest return on investment as it has been refined to be the easiest system to use over 5 years of constant development.  When considering Blue Box against your current or alternative systems you should consider the following?:

  • Does the system prevent the vehicle being driven away without a valid identification of the driver?
  • Does the system compare the variance in driver’s efficiency as well as MPG?
  • Does the system provide a comparison which is independent of load, trailer type & route type?
  • Does the system provide exactly the same measure of MPG and efficiency regardless of the make or model of truck?
  • Does the provider offer a 6 week trial proving the effectiveness of the system and ROI?
  • Does the provider offer an MPG reading independent of the vehicle CANbus with no bias and 99.9% accuracy?

Blue Box saves on average over 7% when used in conjunction with driver briefings resulting in savings of well over £2000 per year and up to 7 tonnes of saved Carbon Emissions.

Blue Box is the only driver fuel efficiency grading system which can provide remote telemetry from the world’s most accurate vehicle mounted HGV MPG measuring device.  With Blue Box efficiency and MPG summary reports for are available for all the vehicles the driver uses in the period. Blue Box is available in many different configurations including driver training packages and demonstrator vehicle evaluation packages.

Blue Box is manufactured by Btrack and is not sold by any other company in the UK, call us now for more information..

Call us on 01373 466500 for more information of how Btrack can help your fleet reduce fuel costs and improve environmental impact

Blue Box with Flow Meter and Dalas Keys

Bluebox Flow Meter

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